Complicating Factors Involving Insurance for Auto Body Repair in Newport News, VA

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Auto Body Shop

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The financial compensation provided by an automotive insurer to a person who was involved a vehicle accident is intended to cover several types of expenses. The most common ones include medical bills and lost wages, along with Auto Body Repair in Newport News, VA if the vehicle can be fixed. Although medical costs typically constitute the biggest financial burden connected with a vehicle collision, getting the car or pickup truck fixed is another expense the person shouldn’t have to deal with out of his or her own pocket if another driver was at fault. Often, the vehicle isn’t even drivable until repairs have been made.

A garage that provides auto body repair in Newport News, VA provides a detailed estimate for repair charges that the customer can forward to the insurer, or the shop’s manager may send it by email or Web form. The insurer may pay the garage directly or may send a check to the vehicle owner made out to the auto body shop. If the insurer declares the vehicle a total loss, however, the situation becomes more complicated. The insurer may be willing to send a check for the value of the vehicle, but any amount required for repairs beyond that would need to be paid by the owner.

It may be possible to bring the vehicle back to a functional and safe condition without doing all the extra cosmetic work. Some people choose this option if they don’t want to spend the money on extensive auto body repairs. They may prefer to shop around for a different car or truck but continue driving this one in the meantime. Many projects qualify as functional issues. Auto body technicians at a garage such as Bruce’s Super Body Shopdo projects like straightening the frame with alignment equipment, which is essential for making the vehicle roadworthy again. They can replace doors that do not open or close after the collision. A crumpled hood usually has to be secured with materials such as twine or bungee cords, so it stays closed, making it inconvenient to check fluid levels or anything else underneath. A new hood will probably be necessary to resolve this situation.

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