Considering Auto Repair Services in Gilbert AZ or Junking the Car After a Collision

Auto repair services in Gilbert AZ include repair and replacement of parts that are damaged in a collision. People tend to think only of auto body repair in regard to collision damage, but accidents often cause functional issues that must be resolved. Someone who has a specific auto body shop in mind for that work will need to have the other repairs done elsewhere if the mechanics only focus on exterior components.

The exterior of a vehicle obviously provides substantial protection to parts under the hood and other functional components, but it can only do so much. Smashing the front end can damage the radiator badly enough so it must be replaced. The water pump and fan also may need replacement. Sometimes the air conditioner needs work after an accident, and the steering and suspension may need attention as well. These can be very pricey projects because of the labor involved.

Mechanics providing general auto repair services in Gilbert AZ can help customers with insurance claims, estimating the cost of parts and labor for the various projects. Typically an insurer sends a check directly to the garage. If the individual doesn’t have collision coverage, he or she must decide whether it’s worth paying for all this work out of pocket, including the auto body work, or whether it’s time to buy a different vehicle. This decision may become necessary even if there is collision coverage, as the insurer may declare the vehicle a total loss. Then the owner receives payment for replacement value only. Anyone dealing with this type of situation may Visit the website of a shop such as Dynamic Imports to start the process of obtaining estimates.

Experienced mechanics can offer their opinion on whether to have the vehicle repaired if the owner asks. They’ll consider how old the car is and how many miles it’s been driven. If the owner has been taking great care of it and the engine and other major components are in excellent condition, the car may be worth saving. There are many factors to consider, especially if the individual had not been thinking about getting a different vehicle at this point. Visit the website for more information.