Signs That The Time Has Come to Call a Transmission Service in Chicago

One of the things that many car owners understand is that transmissions can last for years without needing anything but routine maintenance. While the life of the typical transmission is long, problems can develop. Recognizing when there is a need for transmission service in Chicago, is one of the best ways to avoid the expense of replacing a transmission. Here are some signs that the car should be taken to the shop now.

Problems Going into Reverse

One of the first signs that some kind of Transmission Service in Chicago, is needed has to do with putting the vehicle into reverse. In the past, the transmission would respond immediately. Lately, it seems to hesitate for several seconds before slipping into gear. Since this can be caused by a number of minor issues, it makes sense to get the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. Doing so will prevent further stress on the transmission and head off the development of other problems.

The Passing Gear is Noisy

For driving around town, the transmission seems to respond just fine. It’s on the open road that things begin to get a little dicey. For example, the owner noticed that speeding up to pass another vehicle on the highway generated an unusual amount of noise before the transmission finally shifted into the passing gear. Even though the car is not driven at such high speeds often, it pays to not write this off as an inconsequential event. Take the car to an expert and find out what is causing all that noise.

Fluid Leaks

The car owner notices that something has leaked out of the car and onto the concrete driveway. A close inspection confirms that the liquid is not water or oil. That leaves brake or transmission fluid. With either scenario, there is no time to waste. Get the car to the shop and have a professional find the leak. If it is transmission fluid leaking out, a quick repair will mean preventing the transmission from locking up.

For anyone who suspects transmission problems, Visit our website at and arrange to have the car checked as soon as possible. Doing so will save a lot of time, trouble, and money.