Creating Unique Sound Quality With Custom Fabrication in Lake Charles, LA

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Parts and Accessories

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Buying any vehicle means dealing with the radio or stereo system that is pre-installed by the manufacturer. For many these stereo systems lack the right sound quality, and the music does not sound clear. People choose to have Custom Fabrication in Lake Charles LA design and build state-of-the-art sound systems that both fit into a vehicle and deliver the sound quality that amplifies each note that is played. With multiple sound systems available there is something to please any vehicle owner.

Having a custom sound system installed by a qualified technician can add value to a car, it also means that it is connected correctly. Some things to consider when deciding to upgrade the stereo is making sure that the vehicle can handle the additional power needed to supply the amplifier. There are also two types of amplifiers to consider, regulated and unregulated. A regulated amplifier does not change when the voltage to the vehicle decreases. It also depends on the manufacturer of the amplifier system. A Custom Fabrication in Lake Charles LA can help to explain and determine which system is best for the customer, based on the sound they are wanting.

Going with a custom fabricator can ensure that the system fits the vehicle and will measure and build the speaker boxes to fit even the smallest of spaces without compromising cargo or leg room. Trying to fit an audio system into a car without the right tools or know-how can lead to shorting out the car’s circuit systems and drain power from the alternator or battery, or worse yet causing damage to the electrical system. A qualified technician can assess a car to make sure the battery and other electrical components are capable of handling the additional power for the stereo system.

They are also able to modify the vehicle to give the extra output needed to support the speakers and audio. At PROTECH Audio is a locally owned and operated audio shop that offers quality sound systems for cars, trucks, and marine vehicles. They specialize in custom fabrication and can install any system to customer specifications. They also install navigation systems, headrest T.V. units and carry the top names in audio like Kenwood, Polk Audio and more. Visit their website to view all the audio and accessories.

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