The Importance Of Kilometer Conversions in Arizona AZ

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Parts and Accessories

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When one is entering the United States from another country, usually Canada or Mexico since they share borders, they need to take into consideration that the United States measures the speed of their vehicles on the road by miles per hour, not kilometers per hour. This can lead to confusion among international travelers since the United States is one of the only countries in the world that measures with these specific units (the other two being Myanmar and Liberia).

Being able to perform Kilometer Conversions in Arizona AZ is very important because of the difference in posted numbers regarding speed. For instance, 50 miles per hour is equal to 80 kilometers per hour. This is because 1 kilometer equals .62 miles. While it is certainly possible to do the math mentally or on a calculator, this is not always convenient while driving.

There are a few different options to solve this problem depending on the car and how old it is. On older cars that are not strictly computer controlled, the actual speedometer will need to be removed completely and replaced with a speedometer that displays the proper measurement. This can be more of a pain than it is worth and renting a domestic vehicle may be a better option if the person is not going to be in the country for very long.

On newer vehicles, the process of Kilometer Conversions in Arizona AZ is much simpler and far less involved. There are generally two options for a vehicle owner to choose from. Some cars allow the driver to make the conversion themselves by simply pressing the “trip” button that is most commonly found on or near the steering wheel. Simply press and hold the button down and it will automatically switch from kilometers to miles and vice versa.

The other option is to bring the vehicle into a shop that is experienced working with auto gauges, such as Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. The mechanic that works on the car will run a special software program on the vehicle’s computer and reprogram it to display the measurement that is needed. It is as easy as that and can be done in minutes with no muss and no fuss.

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