In Search of the Best Truck Fleet Management Solution

When you have a fleet of commercial trucks, your vehicles can get a lot of miles on them in a year’s time. Also, hauling freight is not the same as driving company cars, and a good leasing company can be one of your most valued business partners. When you have a problem, they have the truck fleet management solution. Here are some of the good things these companies have to offer.

More Than Just Commercial Trucks

Do you have a fleet of trailers for your trucks? Maybe you run a warehouse or distribution center, and you have trucks, trailers, lift trucks, and other loading equipment. If you have a problem managing all this equipment, you can turn to your leasing company for the truck fleet management solution. In fact, they can manage all your equipment.

They can also help you manage your construction machinery, rail cars, forestry machinery, and corporate aircraft.

Lease Options

While some businesses are trying to decide if they want an open or closed-end leasing agreement, they’re overlooking several other important lease options. Good lease plan can help you with 5 different options for leasing.

  • Fair market value – they take the risk, and you decide if you want to purchase at lease end.
  • Operating expense lease – leasing is a legitimate operating expense and doesn’t show up on your company balance sheet.
  • Refinance – they buy your present lease and then lease your fleet back to you, giving you the financial benefits you need.
  • Amendment type – more than one option for purchasing at lease end and renewal
  • Cash flow type – you set the value, and after the lease ends, we sell it for you.

When you need a truck fleet management solution, call leasing specialists for assistance. They are more than happy to help you.