Signs it is Time to Seek Auto Repair in East Lansing, MI

Modern vehicles are pretty smart. They have integrated computers, sensors, and more that let drivers know when an issue is present. While the vehicle can usually let a driver know if there is an issue thanks to the appearance of the check engine light, in some cases, it is up to the owner to determine if a problem is present. Some of the signs that Auto Repair in East Lansing MI is needed right away can be found here.

Leaking Fluid

Leaking fluid is never a good sign. If a driver seeks a puddle of something under their vehicle, it is a good idea to get to the shop right away. Some of the most common types of leaks include coolant, transmission fluid, and oil. However, it may also be from the brakes, differential, or even the power steering system.

Strange Sounds

There are several reasons that a vehicle may be making sounds it shouldn’t while it is being driven. When it comes to sounds from a vehicle, some are more of a cause for concern than others. For example, grinding sounds when the brakes are pressed often indicate brake pads that need to be replaced. Another problematic sound is whining from the transmission. This could mean the vehicle is low on transmission fluid or that it has worn out bearings.

Strange Odors

If there is a smell in a vehicle that is persistent, it is a good idea to seek Auto Repair in East Lansing MI right away. In some cases, this could be a symptom of a more serious problem. For example, if the smell is similar to maple syrup, it could indicate an issue with the cooling system. A dirty laundry odor could mean mold growth in the vehicle’s heating or AC vents. Burning smells often indicate the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced.

When it comes to issues with a vehicle, even a small problem should not be ignored. Taking action is the best way to ensure a small issue does not develop into a larger one. More information about when auto repair services are needed can be found by visiting the Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service website or by contacting their friendly staff.