Reasons to Choose a Used Volkswagen for a First Car in Mokena, IL

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Auto Repair

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Are you the parent of a new teen driver? While your child may be itching to get behind the wheel, you’re probably agonizing over finding the right car to keep them safe on the road. Here are three reasons why purchasing a used Volkswagen in Mokena for your child’s first car is a smart choice.


If Volkswagen is known for one thing, it’s dependability. Even an older model will rarely leave your teen driver stranded if maintained properly. Another dependability advantage of used vehicles is that they are less likely to be lemons or experience recalls.


Volkswagen has always been ahead of the curb on safety, and you can find advanced safety features on used models that are just now appearing on cars from other brands. You and your teen driver can both feel confident when you put them behind the wheel of a used Volkswagen in Mokena.


Thanks to depreciation, a used car is almost always more economical than a new one. A used Volkswagen is a particularly good deal thanks to the fuel-efficiency and durability of the brand’s vehicles compared to other automakers.

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