Regular Oil Changes in Jacksonville, FL, Keep You on the Road Longer

Regular oil change service in Jacksonville, FL, can help extend the life of your car. The fact is, oil lubricates all of the moving parts inside your car’s engine, thus, preventing engine wear. Not only that, but oil also helps to remove engine sludge, keeping your engine clean.

As the oil in your engine becomes dirty and old, it loses its ability to lubricate your engine. Not only that, but the dirt also grates against the interior of your engine, contributing to engine wear. As you can see, regular oil changes could help to keep your car on the road longer.

There are three different types of engine oil available today, conventional, full synthetic, and synthetic blend. The newer, synthetic motor oils have superior qualities that can extend the life of your engine.

While synthetic motor oil is the most expensive, it also lasts longer than conventional motor oil. Full synthetic motor oil has a higher viscosity and is more resistant to thermal breakdown and oxidation. It’s also resistant to oil sludge. By reducing engine drag, synthetic oil can even improve fuel efficiency and slightly increase your vehicle’s horsepower.

The synthetic blend combines conventional motor oil with full synthetic, creating a less expensive hybrid oil. It has many of the superior characteristics of full synthetic but at a much lower price. If you’re on a budget, but want to upgrade from conventional oil, the synthetic blend is the answer.

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