Should you Repair or Replace your Wheel Rims?

Wheel and tire rim repairs are commonplace in any garage these days.  Car and truck owners now know that they do not need to spend big bucks replacing their rims when it is so simple to repair them.  For your safety’s sake though they should be repaired by a reputable mechanic or body shop.  Car wheel rims that are not repaired properly can break down and/or cause major accidents.  If the work is done carefully and properly, your repaired rim(s) will be as strong as new ones at a much cheaper price.

The Cost of Repair versus Buying
The difference in the cost between repairing your rims and replacing them is a consideration you should definitely keep in the forefront of your mind.  The price of replacing rims has rocketed.  For the price of a new rim, you can repair several dented and broken ones.  Even in the case of custom rims you should at least attempt to go the repair route.

What other Expenses can come with Buying New Rims
Some vehicles have specific settings pertaining to handling and stability.  Replacing your rims may affect those settings which can affect your vehicle’s stability causing it to be less safe for you and your family.  New rims may also require new tires.  Since the pair of them goes together, it will not matter if your tires are old or almost new, they will still need to be replaced.  Then there is the possibility that during that process other parts will require replacing which will be more added expense.

The Amazing Look of Alloy Rims
One of the best combos on a vehicle is low profile tires and oversized rims.  This combo is far more vulnerable than others to damage from debris on the road, pot holes, curbs and the like.  A single rub against a curb can scratch an alloy rim that cost you $1,000.  Hitting a pot hole can crack and bend a rim.