Signs of a Failing Gas Cap

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Electronics and Electrical

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The gas cap protects your fuel hose and filters from dust and debris that can be encountered while driving. Additionally, the lack of a cap may cause evaporation of your fuel which results in increased and constant stops at the gas pump. When it is time to replace your vehicle’s gas cap, there are a few signs that will tell you when it is in need of repair.

Smelling Fuel

Gas caps act as a barrier for your fuel and the outside. If your cap is cracked or damaged in any way, this can result in leaks around the filler neck area and the surrounding parts. As a result, gas and its vapors can easily flow out of the cracks and crevices creating a strong fuel smell that can reach the interior cabin of your car. If you notice when you are driving that the fuel smell is more intense than usual, inspect your cap once you are pulled over.

Check Engine Light Comes On

Another sign of a possible faulty fuel cap is the check engine light suddenly coming on. The cap is a part of the evaporative emissions system. If the system has a leak, this could possibly affect your vehicle engine.

If your light does come on, make sure you do a diagnostic test to determine what the actual cause is before you replace your fuel cap.

Improper Fit

You should always inspect your fuel cap from time to time for any damages. If your cap is broken in any way, the part may not tighten correctly when you are done fueling your car. Usually, a gas cap will click when tightened to let you know that the seal is in place. If you do not experience this clicking or the cap keeps coming off of the opening, chances are good that a new gas cap is needed.

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