Which Modified Auto Parts and Supplies Are Illegal?

Before upgrading your car for looks or creating a street racer, you need to know what can and cannot be installed on your car. Regulations vary between states, so it is important to check the regulations where you live before modifying your car with these parts.

Vehicle Lighting

Most states have laws prohibiting the use of underbody lights, regardless if they are neon or not. These laws help prevent people from imitating police cars and pulling other cars over. Clear covers for turner lights can be problematic if they are not a good quality part because they can fog over or leak. Custom parts should only be bought at stores carrying modification auto parts and supplies to ensure quality.

Loud Exhausts

Most states, including Hawaii, have laws about modifying the exhaust systems on cars. Mufflers usually cannot be removed because that makes the car too loud when it’s going down the street. Also, if the exhaust cannot pass the emissions tests, you won’t be able to have it on your car.

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Car Plate Frames

Although you may not think something as innocuous as a plate frame wouldn’t be illegal, they can be in some cases. As long as the frame doesn’t cover up any of the information on the plate, such as the number, state name, and the renewal sticker, it is legal. Otherwise, you will need to invest in another slick looking plate frame.

Before modifying your car, check the regulations on which modifications are legal where you live. Most stores selling modified auto parts and supplies will be aware of these regulations, so they can help you pick the right parts. You can pay a visit to Facebook page!