Situations That Call For Car Towing

While some types of auto issues will still allow the owner to drive the vehicle to a service center, it pays to know when arranging for Car Towing is the more practical approach. Choosing to call a towing service can mean the difference between creating more damage and keeping the costs of repair within reason. Here are some situations that call for stopping immediately and calling for help.

Brake Problems

If the owner notices that the brakes are taking longer to respond, but they are still working, it may be feasible to take a back way and drive the car to a local repair shop. Should the owner hear the sound of metal on metal when the brake pedal is pressed, the time for Car Towing has definitely arrived. Attempting to drive the car, even at a snail’s pace, will create additional damage to the system. During that drive, the potential for causing an accident is also greater. If for no other reason, choosing to call a towing service will mean not causing injury to others.

Engine Overheats

The engine stopped after overheating. Some may feel that it is fine to let the engine cool, attempt to put some water in the radiator, and drive the car to a shop. In fact, this could also pave the way for more damage. Even if the engine does cool and will turn over after a half-hour or so, driving the car, even a short distance could mean causing the engine to lock up permanently. Instead of having to rebuild or replace the engine, choosing the relatively low cost of a tow truck makes sense.

After An Accident

At first glance, the car appears to be drivable after a minor traffic accident. The only problem is that the owner notices the car is harder to steer, and the wheel definitely pulls in one direction. Since there could be more damage than is readily apparent, call a tow truck and have the vehicle taken to a repair shop. After an expert takes a look at the car and outlines what must be done to repair the damage, it will be easier to provide all the details to the insurance company.

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