The Appeal Of Blaque Diamond Rims

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Auto Parts

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There are some wheel and rim companies that tend to produce a lot of different styles and patterns of wheels and rims that are very close to each other in appearance. This is not the case with Blaque Diamond, and this wheel and rim company goes out of its way to create new, unique and innovative looks in all the rims it offers.

Blaque Diamond rims are distinctive in their style and design, and once you become familiar with the models, they offer you will be able to easily pick them out on vehicles. This company offers the larger sizes from 19 to 24 inches in a selection of spoke designs, as well as finishes that are different than the competition.

The Weight Difference

Besides just being different in appearance from the other wheels and rims on the market, Blaque Diamond rims are actually made differently as well. The technology is used exclusively by the company, which is owned by Hipnotic Wheels, and results in what they call an Ultra Lightweight wheel.

These wheels are as much as twenty-five percent as light as other types of aftermarket wheels and rims. This is a perfect combination for someone who wants top performance in their vehicle while not compromising on durability, strength or appearance. With lighter wheels there is a slightly better fuel economy, but it is really the look and the durability that attracts serious wheel buyers to this brand.

The Style Difference

One of the big differences with the style of Blaque Diamond rims is the use of a graphite machined rim. This gives a look very different than brushed chrome while adding a depth to the design of the wheel. It is not reflective but rather more of a light gunmetal type of color that is striking and goes with virtually any paint color.

The company does offer some silver rims as well, which add a bit of flash and dazzle. Because of the more open spoke design, these are a great addition for a vehicle or an SUV, and they are perfectly in balance with regards to style and design.

The spoke design is both modern as well as a twist on a classic. The designs tend to feature more rounded or arching types of spoke designs rather than the square and straight types of lines. This blends perfectly with the lines of a vehicle and also provides a very unique look that is definitely a sign of quality design.

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