Three Reasons Why Your Condenser is Malfunctioning: AC Condensers in Illinois

When it comes to your Air Conditioning Condenser, you want every component to be in top shape so that it can provide adequate cooling to your household. But if you notice that something seems off, such as your system not cooling like it used, to or there’s a strange noise coming from within, it may be time to get it repaired. To know what you need to look for, here are a few possible reasons why your condenser might be malfunctioning.

Refrigerant Leak

Lines that connect the condenser to the inside evaporator carry the refrigerant that is needed for these two units to carry out their intended function, and if any of these lines show signs of leakage, it can completely compromise the entire system. If you notice that the cooling abilities of your system have dropped, hear a hissing noise coming from within, or see frost forming along the outside of the unit, you’ll want to call for repairs as soon as possible for AC Condensers in Illinois.


Since condensers are more often than not located outside of the home, they can be prone to picking up damage-causing debris. Anything from hard stones and gravel to simple leaves and sticks can enter the condenser and damage the motors, get caught in the fan blades, or impair the fan belt. All of these things can result in your AC Condensers needing repairs.

The best solution for preventing this sort of dilemma would be to keep the area around your condenser clean and clear of all debris or items that may cause debris. Doing this can help to prevent this problem from arising in Illinois AC Condensers.

Electrical Problems

One of the more common reasons that your AC Condensers may not be functioning properly could be caused by an electrical malfunction. Anything within your system that relies on electricity, from the motor, to the electrical relays, to the fan and the capacitors can all be subject to electrical issues that hinder or altogether put a stop to the cooling process.

If none of the other reasons above are causing a problem with your system, think about calling a professional technician that can diagnose the problem areas and propose a solution.