Top Chevy Vehicles In Naperville And Why You Should Consider Them

When the economy dropped in 2008, many dealerships and car makers worried. Most brands focused on large SUVs that guzzled gasoline, so they had to make a change. Chevy decided to make a change, focusing on the mistakes of the past and ensuring that they didn’t do the same things in the future. Today, their lineup is competitive and exciting for those living in Naperville.


The Corvette has always been an icon for Chevy because of its power and style. In the past, it was still cheaper than other brands, but most people wouldn’t even consider such a vehicle because it felt cheap. Now, however, it is more refined, with more upscale materials, cutting-edge technology and, of course, the horsepower. It’s a super speedy and capable vehicle that anyone in Naperville would love to own.

Silverado 1500

If sporty doesn’t rev your engine, you may be more of a truck person. The Silverado 1500 is one of the best trucks available, boasting of an improved interior that uses better materials, tons of technologically advanced features, such as smartphone integration, and 355 horsepower, higher tow ratings and 23 miles per gallon fuel economy. Plus, you’ve got better handling and a nicer feel in the drivers’ seat, making it an excellent addition to any garage.


While the Impala may not seem like an exciting vehicle, it is one of the most improved options on the market. It was never seen as exciting because it wasn’t. However, new models have a more modern interior, better styles and cushioned rides that make it seem like a luxury vehicle of classic proportions, all while adding a dose of modernity to the mix.

If you’re considering a Chevy in Naperville, there are many options available. Visit Hawk Joliet at URL to start searching for the perfect car or truck.