Top Fall Car Maintenance Tips for Owners of Subaru in Albuquerque, NM

Summer is finally over, but experienced motorists know their vehicles can’t relax just yet. While weather conditions during fall are milder in New Mexico, this new season brings in a whole different set of threats and stresses to cars and trucks. With the big freeze slowly creeping in, it’s only suitable to give your Subaru in Albuquerque, NM some good old fall care.

Penny Test Your Tires

Driving on scorching roads throughout summer may have depleted much of your tires’ tread. Depending on how much tread your tires have lost, you can lose road grip and figure in an accident. A Subaru dealer near Santa Fe, NM would advise you to perform a penny test to determine if your tires’ exterior is still safe for driving long distances. Press a penny into the groove of each tire with Lincoln’s figure facing you. If you can see Lincoln’s entire head, it means your tires’ tread is shallow and unsafe for travel in fall.

Replaced Damaged or Worn Down Windshield Blades

Inclement weather in fall may come with thick fog and moisture, leading to poor road visibility. Your windshield wipers are the only thing you can rely on to maintain a clear view of the road even just a few meters ahead. If the blades are damaged or heavily deteriorated, chances are they won’t give you enough visibility to avoid potholes, pedestrians, or oncoming traffic.

Don’t Let the Windows Freeze

You may think it is okay to put off checking your defroster since winter is still a few months away. Well, temperatures during fall plummet to below zero degrees from time to time and cause as much damage to your vehicle. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of freezing weather with your heater not working correctly. The ice buildup on your windows can spell trouble as it blocks your vision, not to mention freezing to death in your car if you stay driving for a couple more hours.

Tune Up Your Engine

You already know summer has taken a significant toll on your car exterior. But have you checked the engine condition as well? Even if it’s under the hood, all that extra work it has put in throughout the hot season may have some severe damage to some of its components. It would be best to hire a mechanic to inspect your car engine. It takes expert eyes to spot damage that has disastrous effects when neglected.

Check the Suspension System

Expect some roads to be covered with leaves, including potholes and dips. If you are not familiar with sections of the streets with potholes, you can be in for a nasty jump when you run over them. A fully functioning suspension system can do wonders in this situation as it absorbs vibration.

The best way to avoid all the issues awaiting you this season is to have your vehicle undergo a complete tune-up. With expert help, your car is ready to take on the cold weather of fall, and even way into winter. Check out Fiesta Subaru car dealer in Albuquerque, NM, to learn more about how to take care of your vehicle and prep it up for fall and other seasons.